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The sound quality of restaurant, hotel or public venue often determines the atmosphere, trumping most other elements. In today’s world of high definition living, playing average quality music isn’t enough.


Background music makes or breaks the visit. For example, if the music interferes with normal conversation, the guests looses focus and can get annoyed. While for an intimate venue there should play soft, unobtrusive and clear music that pleasantly fills the room and sets the mood.

At Sound Wizard, we see public spaces as a perpetual performance zone and we know that ultimately the guest decides who has the winning venue. Offering guests a space carefully designed for sound and sight will help attract a regular crowd.


We work with you to understand your unique style will create an exclusive atmosphere. We will advise and design to give shape to your dream space, making sure it’s armed with the acoustical ambiance required to compete with a genuine USP is today’s hospitality industry.

Hotel Acoustics & AV Design

Banquet - Ballroom

Convention Center

Bar & Lounge

Club - Disco

Fine Dining


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