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Architectural acoustics significantly affect overall quality of sound and the way we perceive it. For any source of sound, it is the surrounding environment which manipulates the perceived sound. Carefully designed interior acoustics greatly enhances a good performance to optimise the musical force and clarity of voice and instrument.

Right from the inception it is important to have good initial acoustic design planning because it saves time, money and effort. No more bad sounding rooms with standing waves, unclear low frequencies, asymmetric sound pictures, lack of linearity, harmonic and phase distortion, and most of all no more expensive corrections at later stages.


Sound control for both inside and outside noises entering the premises is important; facilities must be adequately sound proofed so they can be used around the clock without disturbing your immediate neighbourhood and vice versa.

We work with the latest acoustic prediction and auralization softwares to find optimal solutions for the most complex situations. With EASE modelling software we develop the exact acoustical response and performance of future project sites.


When it comes to creating an experience out of a space, we deal with more than just pure acoustics. We believe the ultimate client experience demands a balanced combination of aesthetics and acoustics.

For facilities such as high precision recording studios, we design both sound isolation and interior acoustics


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Sound Wizard offers professional independent audio visual system design consulting and optimisation services. In todays world of increasingly complex technical media requirements, multi-functional spaces and devices with computer controlled sound and video systems; the integration of all equipment piecing into a working system is a complex engineering task. No matter the environment, no matter the budget, no matter the challenges, Sound Wizard is your technology specialist and will design the optimal system for your unique needs.


To maximise a system's performance and minimise signal distortion, there are four important parameters to consider: the acoustical environment, system design, system quality and system optimisation. Sound Wizard has extensive experience incorporating all these aspects along with interior design requirements to create the ideal AV setup.

Equipment plays an important role in the quality of your AV experience. We work carefully with you to find the best equipment based on your needs and budget. We stay in close contact with international manufacturers and distributors to keep abreast of the latest trends and technologies.


Quality cabling is a prerequisite for long-lasting installations. We specify professional cabling layouts for analog, digital, audio, video, computers and control signals. Our comprehensive service includes a detailed wiring diagram with termination details specifically for your setup.


We lead the final on-site testing and measurements to ensure that all specifications of equipment have been met, and that you are provided with the highest possible quality at the best possible value.

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Audio Visual

Audio Visual
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System Optimization involves tuning the system setup to an acoustical environment. The process blends the system and the room to make the sound reliable, consistent and dependable for the listener.

Our system optimization service carefully examines how sound spreads over a listening area meticulously analyzing the physics of room acoustics and speaker interaction. Extensive knowledge of system optimization and its various methodologies, aided by the latest modern tools and practices enables us to maximize the potential of any system within an environment.

Upon completing acoustic measurement and analysis we get into the system settings to target each setting individually: alignment of speaker's level, crossover, time, phase, gain structure, equalization and protection settings.

Final tonal shaping through expert ears is the finishing touch required to bring out the full potential and ensure a smooth translation of content. This is when the magic happens and you can forget about everything and enjoy the music or soundtrack.

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Room Tuning, Calibration and Optimization 

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