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Acoustical simulation & measurement software

We distribute all AFMG and Marshall Day Acoustics software, and give full support.

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Today, EASE 5 is accepted and recognized worldwide as the standard-setters in architectural acoustical modeling, simulation, and auralization.


About 140 major loudspeaker manufacturers support the EASE database.

Also an extensive database of materials is supplied and easily customisable for all your projects specific needs, manually or through SoundFlow.

SoundFlow is a simulation software for calculating the absorption, reflection, and transmission of sound by multi-layer structures.


This software enables the modeling of wall, floor and ceiling structures by specifying layer materials and thickness.

It is the perfect partner for EASE software but can also be used standalone.

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Reflex is a two-dimensional acoustics simulation software to model the reflection, diffusion, and scattering of a sound wave incident upon a custom defined geometrical structure.

It is the perfect partner for EASE software but can also be used standalone.

INSUL is used for predicting the sound isolation performance of

walls, floors, roofs, ceilings and windows.


It can also assess impact sound and rain noise of floors and roof.


It estimates Transmission Loss (TL) and Impact Sound (Ln), 

Weighted Sound Reduction Index (STC or Rw) and Impact Rating (IIC/LnTw).

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SysTune is an audio measurement software capable of measuring and processing full-length impulse responses in real time.

Next to the sole quality of the measurements performed SysTune offers a large set of unique features to make a technician's life easy and speed up the work. 

These are only some of the available software,

don't hesitate to contact us directly for details, quotes, and group training options.

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