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Since our founding in 2000, Sound Wizard has grown into one of India's leading specialists in acoustical design and consultancy.

Based in the international township Auroville, (Tamil Nadu) India, Sound Wizard is dedicated to enhancing audio/visual experiences with projects ranging from commercial enterprises such as hotels, auditoriums and nightclubs to the nation's best professional studios and screening rooms.

We produce this exceptional work in part because of our unique foundation. With over 30 years of international experience in the pro- audio field, we have developed a deep understanding and trusted background in the very best of architectural acoustics and system performance. This global perspective, combined with a decade of experience in India, gives us unparalleled technical and local expertise.



She takes care of CAD and EASE work: all drawings, 3D, layouts and quantity/cost calculations. 

She is also directly in touch with the construction site for support, quality control and guidance.


She takes care of CAD and EASE work: all drawings, 3D, layouts and quantity/cost calculations. 

She is also directly in touch with the construction site for support, quality control and guidance.


While everyone else in the Sound Wizard team is busy making sure your audio dream comes alive and sound, Cecilia is on the receiving end! At some time or another, you and/or your accountant might be in contact with her as general. administration/organisation and accounts go through her. She is also a sound wizardess! Her skills are not only about acoustics but in writing children stories based on sounds known as 'phonics'.


Govind makes sure your site is getting built as planned. Being site engineer he spends most of his time on the road hopping projects. He likes interacting with people and speaks 5 languages. The action and buzz of sites keep him going like a performance in showbiz. Action when it's time to deliver, and fun and chill when theres not much going on. Govind's onsite mantra is to 'make friends with everyone and make people happy'. 


Following an extensive career in France as a sound engineer and studio owner Didier decided to make a change and move to Auroville, India. Followed by some time planting trees and volunteering at the Auroville community kitchen, the fun of the mixi grinder wore off and he decided to return to the mixing console. Didier founded Sound Wizard as a crossover from being a user of an acoustic space to creating the sound environment. Didier is a teacher at heart and really enjoys getting the best sound out of every situation. If people want his help, he loves to share his treasure trove of knowledge, and if they don't, that's fine too, there's always the beach.


Specialised in Systems Design, Stephen crafts out the architecture for the technology part, which is Audio-Visual. Making sure maximum efficiency and performance is derived for the worth of resources put in. With a background of training in music, he’s experienced as an Audio Engineer and holds interest in collecting and refurbishing antique musical instruments.


Can be done! Everything is possible and he always wants to make things happen with sensibility and care. Consciousness is a central value to Kumbha's approach to life and all things he takes part in. His generalist experience with a hands on approach to problem solving make things happen and move forward. Currently he takes on the role of CEO at Sound Wizard. We hope he can keep things fun and exciting as we grow into the future.


Qualified as an Architect, Mehul is your Go-to guy from the inception of the project until deliverance. Specialising in design, planning, management, and  implementation, he helps in deriving a translation of the brief for a project onto a streamlined shape. While also being involved in development and analysis of 3D Acoustical Modelling & Simulation. Apart from Sound Wizard, he also collaborates as a drummer with Music Projects based in and around Auroville.


Rahul is a professionally trained pianist with a performers degree from Trinity College London. After completing a degree in acoustic engineering from Purdue University, he moved back to Bangalore, where he works as an acoustic consultant. Outside work, if he is not near a musical instrument, you will find him either playing or watching football!