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SinQ - Goa

Design Features

SINQ Beach Club is the newest and arguably the best beach club in the country. SINQ features a restaurant-lounge, dance floor, 4 bars, a poolside lounge area and a balcony overlooking the pool area.

It has been beautifully designed and implemented by Raya Shankhwalker Architects from Goa. It is owned and run by Sahil Adwalpalkar.

We provided an audio video seamless solution spanning all areas, controlled by an elegant GUI through a QSYS system from QSC.

Several spaces can be running simultaneously since high isolation has been implemented between all areas. The inner acoustical treatment has been specifically targeted for an extremely tight and transparent sound.


Project Scope

Turnkey Acoustical Design for Hotels & Bars
System Tuning and Optimization





SINQ Beach Club

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