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Salt House Studio - Udhav Sharma

Design Features

The Studio is situated south of Chennai, at the home of composer, producer and engineer Udhav Sharma.


A whole floor underwent transformation in the house facing the beach, as walls were knocked down and structural modifications were made.

The Studio space features a high quality Control Room that’s geared towards production, with a pair of ATC SCM200 ASL Pros as main monitors and Barefoot Sound Micromain27 Gen2 near fields.

The Recording space is a big Live Room with an adjacent vocal booth, featuring a panoramic view of Bay of Bengal that enables artists and producers to create freely without the distractions of city life. Low frequency noise isolation from the sea has been successfully implemented to derive noise free environment inside the studio.



ProAudio Asia Mar_Apr_17 Salt Haus Studio.pdf

Project Scope

Turnkey Acoustical Design for Music Recording Facility
Room Tuning and Optimization





Udhav Sharma

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