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Park Hyatt - Chennai 

Design Features

Sound Wizard was called by Ambattur Developers to assist with some sound proofing concern during the second phase of interior fitting for the hotels banqueting facilities. Due the the different type of events taking place, some being quite loud, the client wanted to mitigate any disturbance to the rest of the hotel, especially the guest rooms.

A simple yet exact job, whereby site supervision and coordination between the contractor and subcontractors was key to the success of the final result. Usually no one ever gets complements for silence, but when there is disturbance created by sound, people will complain. There have been no guest complaints about noise generated from these banqueting spaces escaping into the hotel property. 


Project Scope

Isolation Acoustics Design for Hotels & Banquet Halls
System Tuning and Optimization





Ambattur Developers Pvt.

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