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Lambodara Studios - Siddharth & Shankar Mahadevan

Design Features

Transparency is the main goal of any recording studio design, and Lambodara Studios has multiple acoustic features that help it achieve this goal. The front baffle wall of the control room acts as a waveguide to redirect the energy from the flush-mounted Quested Q412D monitors QSB118 subwoofers.


A combination of custom-designed diaphragmatic absorbers as well as ceiling and side-wall absorbers have been used to eliminate modal issues (standing waves) and create a flat reverberation-time curve at all frequencies.

The custom designed honeycomb diffusers in the control room are a fantastic example of collaboration between client, consultant and interior designer. Using software simulation to determine the form and dimensions required to diffuse sound at a targeted frequency range,


Sound Wizard was able to provide interior designer Kiran Shetty with the framework to turn a functional acoustical device into an eye-catching interior and lighting design element. Acoustically, the device achieves its target of scattering mid and high frequencies to minimise comb filtering at the listening position while also creating a more pleasant and “live” listening environment. 

Lambodara Studios is a first-class example of how one can morph square block city construction into an excellent professional music facility without going overboard. Understanding the importance of acoustics and a commitment to detail are key elements that guarantee a speedy and cost effective studio project.


Thanks to a fantastic partnership between client and consultant, Lambodara Studios sets a new benchmark in India as a modern, state-of-the-art recording studio that will be relevant in the Indian music scene for years to come.


Project Scope

Turnkey Acoustical Design for

Music Recording Facility
Room Tuning and Optimization



Siddharth and Shankar Mahadevan

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