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Island City Studios  - Jehangir Jehangir

Design Features

Island City Studios is a complete Audio & Music Production and Post Facility recently built in Khar, Mumbai. The facility includes two control rooms, two recording spaces, vocal booth and a separate rehearsal room which enables this facility to create a sense of community and encourage collaborations between different artists and composers.

With state of the art equipment and hi-quality acoustics, the facility is designed along international standards while judiciously using the available space that was structurally available to further build in.

The Facility has two studios namely The Press & The Bay and a separate rehearsal space called Madfingers. A wide panoramic city view through the big Live Room along front facade of the building, ample natural light and an amalgamation of industrial theme with exposed services in ceiling and classy wooden features, makes this room the perfect space for live sessions and shooting. 


Project Scope

Turnkey Acoustical Design for Music Recording Facility
Room Tuning and Optimization





Jehangir Jehangir

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