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Intercontinental - Chennai

Design Features

Sound Wizard takes up the full acoustical and Audio/Video design for Vilasa Resort and Spa. Vilasa will be a LEED platinum certified green building under Intercontinental, offering guest an exclusive experience under the theme of responsible luxury.

The building is themed by ancient architecture of southern India, using a lot of natural stone finishes. This posed acoustical concerns which needed to be addressed to make sure the guest experience is soothing in all areas.


Sound Wizard made 3D models of the space and carried out extensive EASE acoustical simulations, working with the interior design team to find the right balance between looks and sound. All the public areas have acoustical sound absorbing treatment hidden within the interior layout to match the soothing interiors with a quiet sound environment.

The AV design for the full layout is based on a decentralized networked DSP setup. All areas have been designed for guests to enjoy a sound scape as they move through various areas. Each area can be centrally controlled, or one can use the individual inputs for control and full autonomy. This project is a wonderful example of how interior acoustical treatment and AV design can be done hand in hand to create a seamless guest experience.


Project Scope

Turnkey Acoustical Design for Hotels & Bars
System Tuning and Optimization





Intercontinental Chennai, Mahabalipuram

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