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Futureworks - Rajkamal Atmos Premier

Design Features

Future Works called on Sound Wizard for the upgrade of its historic Rajkamal Kalamandir Studios in Mumbai. "With the Rajkamal refit, we had to extend ourselves to come up with the best sounding room we could," says Gaurav Gupta, managing director of FutureWorks.


"We decided that we wanted to achieve Dolby Premier Studio Certification , and for that we called in Sound Wizard to make sure the upgrade ticked all the the boxes.” 

Sound Wizard managed the project design and coordination between acoustics, audio, image and interiors. In 2013 Rajkamal became the first Atmos facility in India to be awarded Dolby Premier Studio Certification.

Selecting a Meyer Sound cinema loudspeaker system, Rajkamal’s monitoring includes five Acheron 80 screen channel loudspeakers and 37 HMS-10 surrounds, complemented by four X-800C front subwoofers and two 500-HP rear subwoofers.


System DSP management is handled by a Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 616 processors.

"The reaction from our clients has been absolutely fantastic. They love how the room sounds, and the response and accuracy they are able to get."

Gaurav Gupta - MD, FutureWorks


Project Scope

Turnkey Acoustical Design for Mix Stage Post Production Facility
Room Tuning and Optimization






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