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Futureworks - Dolby Atmos HE

Design Features

The new studio is in a former control room at the FutureWorks facility in Andheri.


Acoustics of the original room were designed to function with a main L-R studio monitor system. It wasn’t designed for a multichannel situation, so we’ve had to create a new acoustic layer on top of everything that was already there to align it with the new Dolby requirements.

Sound Wizard worked in close cooperation with the Dolby team in Mumbai. This room is one of the first ones created to handle Dolby HE.


The 7.1.4 system consists of three Adam A8X monitors for the L-C-R channels, with four sides of Adam A7Xs, plus another four A7Xs overhead. The subwoofer is a self-powered Meyer Sound Amie-Sub.


This is one of the most complex setups one can have for home entertainment,’ says Didier Weiss, head of acoustics at SW. ‘Content can be downscaled through the decoder if, for example, a 5.1 mix is required.’


Project Scope

Turnkey Acoustical Design for Mix Stage Post Production Facility
Room Tuning and Optimization






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