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Canadian International School

Design Features

The auditorium is a fully equipped state-of-the-art facility with acoustic treatment to afford un-amplified voice and music performances. 

The vertical surfaces are made of three different materials; starting with a perforated acoustical board (a) at the lowest level (with absorptive and reflective qualities), a veneer surface (b) in the middle (reflective) and fabric covered acoustic mat (c) on the top most levels (absorptive). 

The ceiling too is articulated based on performance requirements. The faceted clouds focus the sound.

The large stage (approximately 40’ x 50’) accommodates large student productions. In addition to this there is a 6’ apron. 

Designed to accommodate different kinds of events (music, dance, spoken word, etc.) the A/V and light systems are flexible. Also possible are large sets and backdrops due to the substantial height available (40’) above the stage.


Project Scope

Turnkey Acoustical Design for Auditorium/Concert Hall
System Tuning and Optimization





Canadian International School

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