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Music | Space | Design. Sound Wizard specialises in turnkey design of professional and high-end acoustics and audiovisual environments. Started in 2000 the company has designed over a hundred world-class projects ranging from the finest professional music studios and auditoria, to hotels, nightclubs, residential entertainment environments and elite home cinema rooms.

Sound Wizard's international team of professionals work seamlessly to deliver bespoke installations, customised to top standards and preferences by the clientele. Having designed many of the top benchmarked acoustical environments in India and around, the team constantly strives to develop an ever improving experience along with evolving technological trends.

“Exceptional results are born out of experience and profound understanding of the key principles of architectural acoustics and audiovisual system performance and design.”

Services by Sound Wizard


  • Professional 

    Music Recording studio / Film mix stage

  • Residential 

    Home theatre / Home cinema / Party area

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Professional Acoustics2.png
Residential Acoustics.png
Residential Acoustics2.png

About Sound Wizard

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